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When you’re planning a Tauck trip, there are countless questions and considerations to address. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our land journeys and cruises.

Booking a Trip

We strongly advise you to make your reservation as soon as you can – particularly if you have limited availability for your travel plans. Tauck journeys are in high demand and therefore have a tendency to reach capacity rather swiftly.

Absolutely! Many guests choose to extend their stay and we’re happy to help. As a service, Tauck will make hotel reservations before and/or after your journey at select pre/post stay hotels offered for that tour. Rooms are reserved at the first or last night’s hotel property of any Tauck journey, so there is no worry of having to change hotels or rooms at the start or end of your trip. Rooms are reserved on a space-available basis, and the cost will be added to your tour cost. Arranging hotel accommodations in the city where your journey begins for the night preceding your Tauck itinerary not only gives you more time to explore on your own, allows your group to become better acclimated to time changes before your journey begins and helps to relieve stress from potential travel delays – important factors to consider! Guests wishing to spend more time in cities where our journeys end can extend their stay – a great way to make your vacation last a little longer.

Complimentary transfers are included from your pre stay hotel to the start of your incredible journey with Tauck, and from your post stay hotel to your disembarkation location. We take care of all the travel details so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Please Note: Transfers are included only for Tauck-approved pre and post stay hotels. Any non-Tauck hotels must be approved prior to leaving on your tour to ensure the highest quality experience for all our guests.

For reservations, call 760 500 1625. or contact your Travel Advisor to book today! 

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What to Expect on Tour

All Tauck Journeys have an “Activity” and a “Pace” rating, ranging from 1 – 4 to give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of stamina needed and physical activities while on tour. The higher the number, the more active the journey is. So, when planning for your adventure, make sure to keep in mind which rating works best for you and your travel companions. It’s important to find the right balance between activity and relaxation to optimize your experience and create lifelong memories.


1 — May include climbing some stairs and walking for up to an hour at a time over primarily level ground, interspersed with periods of standing.

2 — Guests should be able to easily walk one to two miles, which may include climbing one or two flights of stairs and walking over uneven pavement, groomed hiking trails or cobblestones. Standing up to one hour or more may be required.

3 — Active components such as hiking, bicycling and walking longer distances may be included, and hills and/or uneven terrain may be encountered on several days. Guests should be able to walk two to three miles and stand for long periods of time with no difficulty.

4 — Designed for fit, vigorous travelers capable of easily walking three miles or more. Many days might include active pursuits such as hiking, bicycling or sea kayaking for one to three hours at a time. Guests should be capable of walking three or more miles over terrain including hills and rocky or uneven terrain.


1 — Generally easy, with occasional free time for relaxation.

2 — Moderately paced, and may include some early morning hotel departures, one or two on-tour flights, and extended motor coach travel.

3 — Often robust – may include long days, active sightseeing, early starts, evening activities, significant travel times.

4 — Consistently robust – very full and active days, extended travel times, use of different modes of local transport, and a possibility of early starts.

Many tours offer choices for deeper cultural experiences. These selections, typically made prior to the tour, can range from culinary adventures and historical site visits to traditional art workshops and immersive language lessons. Be sure to keep an eye on your email for reminders and updates regarding these enriching options.

Tauck works hard to ensure that guests have the best possible experience on their journeys. As such, the company carefully considers group sizes when planning land tours and cruises. While group sizes may vary depending on the trip, the majority of Tauck’s land journeys host between 35 and 44 guests. For cruises, group sizes may be larger based on the capacity of the ship, but Tauck still prioritizes smaller group sizes for shore excursions and land tours.

Yes, absolutely! One of our top priorities is to provide our guests with enriching experiences while also allowing for some leisure time to explore and discover on their own terms.

At Tauck, we understand the importance of ensuring all our guests have a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. However, we regret to inform you that we are unable to provide individual assistance for walking, wheelchairs, motorized scooters, dining or other personal needs. We kindly ask that guests who require such assistance be accompanied by an able companion who can provide the necessary support. Please note that as much as we try, some itineraries may not be able to accommodate wheelchairs or motorized scooters. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We’ve added more small group departures for intimate travel experiences. Fewer guests mean less time spent traveling between sites and more time to explore.

Travel with expert Tauck Tour Directors who treat you as an individual, manage all travel details, and choreograph each day’s sightseeing. They’re the difference between a trip and the trip of a lifetime.

Our Tauck Tour Directors who guide your trip are the best in the business:

  • They treat every guest as an individual, looking after each guest’s needs – so solo travelers feel secure and looked after from the day they arrive to departure.
  • Personifications of the word “leader,” our Tauck Tour Directors are knowledgeable professionals well-versed in local cultural customs and traditions – travel with someone “in the know.”
  • They manage all daily details of travel, from checking you in and out of hotels to all luggage handling, and they oversee your on-tour transportation.
  • Tauck Tour Directors choreograph each day’s sightseeing to make the best use of time, ensuring schedules are kept.
  • Because they are “in the know” about the places you’re traveling to, they offer helpful suggestions when asked – such as what to do in your free time.
  • They thrive on finding creative ways to share their love of the destination, with pleasant surprises or spur-of-the-moment opportunities often along the way. 

Tauck land trips and cruises offer an unparalleled travel experience that caters to all ages and fosters a deep appreciation for rich and rewarding adventures. Our Tauck Bridges family adventures are specifically designed for traveling families and attract individuals from all generations eager to make unforgettable memories together.

Throughout your journey with us, you will have the chance to truly immerse yourself in the region through small group experiences. These intimate moments will offer deeper connections with your Tauck Director and local guides, allowing for a more meaningful exploration of the area. While there will certainly be moments where your entire group comes together, we also provide opportunities for personalized sightseeing experiences tailored to your interests. So come join us and discover a new level of adventure and connection.

There is no longer a Covid-19 vaccination requirement or mandatory Travel Well Pledge for guests to sign while on tour with Tauck. This policy is subject to change based on various factors that could impact the safety of our guests and employees. To ensure the safety of others and the communities we visit, all guests must follow local health and safety protocols when necessitated by local health guidance and/or our supplier partners. While on tour, we continue to encourage all guests to monitor their own well-being and take preventative measures such as frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizer, and/or wearing a mask if a guest feels more comfortable doing so. Should a guest feel ill for any reason, they will be encouraged to isolate and/or wear a mask. As always, by traveling with Tauck, guests agree to take personal accountability for their own health and to respect the well-being of their fellow travelers and the Tauck staff.



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