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Acacia Farm Lodge

Acacia Farm Lodge - Karatu

The Unique configuration of the luxury suites provides for privacy and solitude for couples and smaller groups visiting the lodge. Whether you are traveling alone or you are a couple on your exclusive, romantic, private safari or a family looking to occupy your little ones or even a group with a diverse range of requirements, Acacia Farm Lodge is the place to be.
Make Your Stay Memorable
Well-appointed and creatively designed and decorated public areas and the luxurious accommodations
Offering hospitality excellence to diverse travel individuals
ACACIA FARM LODGE is a romantic country lodge nestled in an active mixed farm located on the spectacular Great Rift’s escarpment area with a commanding panoramic views of the amazing Karatu farmlands and the nearby Ngorongoro forest area. ACACIA FARM LODGE is strategically located between the Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks on one side AND Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park on the other. This is a perfect base from which to explore these four natural attractions and world heritage sites. A timeless tranquility emanates from the exuberance of birdsong, mature trees and lovely coffee plants.
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Forest Chem Chem

About Chem Chem Lodge
At Chem Chem Lodge you’ll find yourself set between watering holes, savannah grasslands and a vast salt pan, where the immense sense of space is rivalled only by sublime privacy and sophisticated comforts.
Chem Chem Lodge is a refined oasis with a calm energy that embodies the slow safari.
It’s a space where an organic palette of colour and texture reflects the natural beauty beyond. Here, handcrafted furniture and artworks adorn the spacious lodge and airy suites, and every considered element is our tribute to the remarkable lands we call home.
Celebrate with us
Celebrate the richness of Maasai culture, whether you choose to run with warriors or explore local village life. Watch from the comfort of your patio, toast the sunset from a roaring campfire, and savour intimate gourmet dining
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Gibbs Farm

A sanctuary for the senses
Each day at Gibb’s Farm follows a gentle rhythm. Discover a sanctuary for the senses to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. A destination in itself and sanctuary for safari goers, take time to immerse in the sense of wellbeing at Gibb’s Farm. This historic organic farm and family coffee plantation covers over 80 acres on the forested outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. Share in the eternal sense of history and community with two-family houses and seventeen cottages.
A sense of history
Generations of local families have helped to create a truly authentic, serene and memorable experience embracing traditional East African hospitality. Established in the early 1900s by a German Duke as a coffee plantation, founders James Gibb and his wife, Margaret bought the farm after World War II and established our farm in the 1970s, the oldest guesthouse in northern Tanzania.
A sense of community
Gibb’s Farm has a deep and meaningful connection to the diverse communities and cultures of East Africa. Through our personal relationships, cultural programs and conservation efforts, we help to preserve the history, stories, artwork, medicine and ways of life of the Iraqw and Maasai as well as the surrounding natural environment.
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A sense of environment
As a model for sustainable and environmentally respectful practices, we work to continue the legacy of our founders Margaret and Jim Gibb through projects including solar energy, community upliftment and organic farming.
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Karibu Camps

Karibu Camps
Welcome to the heart of Tanzania with Karibu Camps & Lodges. Experience the fusion of African wilderness and luxury. We curate unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. Enjoy a thrilling yet tranquil safari, discovering Tanzania’s iconic destinations, diverse wildlife, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Join us for a journey of unforgettable stories. Karibu!
Wildlife Preservation
The heartbeats of myriad creatures echo in our vast landscapes, each a testament to Tanzania’s bounteous wildlife. Our commitment is clear – to respect, to protect, and to cherish these natural wonders. As you embark on safaris with Karibu, witness not just the beauty but also our dedication towards ensuring that these wild symphonies play on for generations. It’s a promise, both to nature and to you.
The Heartbeat of Karibu
At Karibu Camps & Lodges, every rustle of leaves, every whisper of the wind tells tales of guests who’ve embarked on unforgettable journeys with us. Each one, from quiet adventurers to joyous families, is enveloped in an atmosphere of genuine care and commitment. Our lodges are not just structures but sanctuaries of memories, tailored to ensure the utmost well-being of every traveler. Your comfort and happiness, nestled amidst nature’s grandeur, remain our unwavering focus.
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Celebrating our people
Every smile, every gesture, every perfectly laid table at Karibu is a testament to a team that’s more family than staff. We recognize the hands and hearts behind our operations, and their happiness is pivotal to us. By ensuring the well-being of our staff and their families, we foster a community where service comes naturally, where passion is the norm, and where every guest feels genuinely welcomed.
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Manyara Secret

VIEW ALL PHOTO'SVIEW ALL VIDEO'S Breathtaking luxury at Lake Manyara
There is a place in Tanzania with stunning views of Lake Manyara. Manyara’s Secret is really quite lucky. We are one of the few places, where every now and then, you can catch sight of tree-climbing lions. This is not something you’ll ever forget and certainly not to be missed. In Lake Manyara National Park elephants abound and there is a huge diversity and variety of birds. So if wildlife is your thing you have certainly found the right place.
Manyara's Secret
An eye-catching lodge in Manyara’s Secret Small-scale with exceptional service, and exclusive personal attention.

The weather is always great here. Not too hot, but warm and breezy.

Right away, you’ll feel perfectly at home.
what a special place
Manyara’s Secret is a spectacular and impressive lodge, not overly large, but exclusive and with personal attention and exquisite service. The owners are Dutch, they fell in love with Africa and have travelled extensively across this beautiful continent.
The boutique lodge was designed and built from their memories and experiences as they traveled throughout Africa, tagged on, was the influence of the local people and the environment. The moment you arrive you’ll clearly see this, and you’ll feel right at home.
Private villa (sleeps 2)
Sitting together on your terrace, unwinding to the strange and magical sounds of Africa the laugh of the hyena, the cry of an exotic night bird. Maybe you’re listening to all this from the luxury of your own private plunge pool. Your two-person villa has been designed for you to enjoy Manyara’s Secret in complete privacy. There’s a wonderfully luxurious bed, an indoor shower in your bathroom, but you can always choose to shower under the stars while you catch some breathtaking views of the savannah.
Savannah villa (sleeps 4)
As you return from a day of exciting adventure, your first thoughts are to share all that has happened with your family and friends. Everyone together on the terrace, recalling the whole amazing day. You experience so much during the day, being able to relax on your own terrace with your own plunge pool, tips luxury over into decadence. And just to add pleasure to comfort, there is a wonderful restaurant with a large infinity swimming pool.
The Savannah Villa sleeps 4. It has two bedrooms with beds of perfect luxury, both with doors opening onto the terrace and two private bathrooms. Your privacy is assured, while your access to the outdoors is unhindered.
With your outdoor shower, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the savannah.
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Nyota Ndogo

Your home in the heart of the Serengeti
Explore the iconic Serengeti on your dream African safari at Nyota Luxury Tented Camp. Nestled in the heart of the park with a river meandering along the borders, Nyota, meaning "stars" in Swahili, offers the perfect opportunity to marvel at the ethereal world silently sparkling above.
Tent contents
  • Large, comfortable beds with high-quality mosquito nets
  • Ensuite bathroom with western style flush toilet, shower, sink
  • Hot water on demand (the water is heated by solar)
  • Outside hot shower (shared only with the birds and the stars!)
  • Hairdryer (upon request)
  • Toiletries, including shower gel, shampoo and conditioner
  • Private covered veranda at the front of your tent
  • Lounge chairs inside the tent

Nyumbani Camp

Nyumbani, the Swahili word for “home,” reveals a deeper meaning as the name of our luxury camp in the Serengeti. After an unforgettable day of exciting game drive in the Seronera plains, it is our pleasure to welcome you to your home away from home. Savor the magic of safari life and our welcoming oasis where earth meets sky in boundless space. Dine in an atmosphere of personalized comfort while surrounded by nature’s limitless grandeur. Drift into restful sleep with the gently hypnotic sounds of the African night.
Nyumbani Serengeti Camp
Our contemporary, mobile, tented camp is permanently situated in the Central Serengeti. Comprising only eight luxury, tented suites, your exclusively personal setting provides for a memorable wilderness adventure.
  • Ensuite Rain Showers & Flush Toilets
  • Bathrobes & Slippers
  • Solar Torches
  • In-room Electronic Safe
  • Laundry Service
  • Private
  • Solar (and Back-Up) Generator
  • Writing Desk
  • Complimentary High-Speed WiFi
  • Whiskey Bar

Client Reviews

Serengeti 7 Day Safari
Serengeti 7 Day Safari
@James W - Dover, UK
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"Savannah Quest Safaris gave me an unforgettable experience. The guides were knowledgeable and professional, making sure every detail was covered."
Serengeti - 5 Day Safari
Serengeti - 5 Day Safari
@Phillip Vane - Helsinki, Finland
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My family and I had an amazing time with Savannah Quest Safaris. The views of the wildlife and landscapes were breathtaking.
Northern Favorite Safari
Northern Favorite Safari
@Melissa North - Boston, USA
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"I highly recommend Savannah Quest Safaris. The accommodations were comfortable and the food was delicious. Our tour guide was polite and very funny. We had a blast."
Best of Five Safari
Best of Five Safari
@Natalia S - Palatka, FL USA
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"The staff at Savannah Quest Safaris went above and beyond to make our safari trip exceptional. We can't wait to go back!"
Vast Savannah - 7 Day Safari
Vast Savannah - 7 Day Safari
@Desmond A - Ontario, Canada
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"I am so grateful to have chosen Savannah Quest Safaris for my safari adventure. The memories I made will last a lifetime."

Acacia Farm Lodge

Acacia Farm Lodge is a romantic Country Lodge nestled in an active mixed farm located high on the spectacular Great Rift’s escarpment area with commanding panoramic views of the amazing Karatu farmlands and the nearby Ngorongoro forest area.

The lodge is strategically located between the Tarangire National Park and Manyara National Park ON ONE SIDE and Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park ON ANOTHER SIDE.

This is a perfect base from which to explore these four magnificent natural attractions in Tanzania. A timeless tranquility emanates from the exuberance of birdsong, mature trees and lovely coffee plants.

avnerez1 wrote a review Jan 27
avnerez1 wrote a review Jan 27
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Excellent resort, strongly recommended. I was here with a group and our head waiter Emmanuel Niima did above and beyond to take care of Us. The hotel naturalist Jumanne Kurugio Excelled in his nature tour which was fascinating. I strongly recommend it.
Oliver A wrote a review Jan 25
Oliver A wrote a review Jan 25
@Oliver A
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Staff are all incredibly welcoming and hospitable. Particularly loved the welcome surprise. Also good to know that it is a locally owned business. Lovely food and drinks with majority of meals prepared with produce from their gardens that you can walk through. Rooms were beautiful.
mochalab wrote a review Jan 21
mochalab wrote a review Jan 21
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This is a lovely property with a beautiful garden and working towards self-sufficiency. We had a large room for our party and it was great! The staff is very attentive and eager to please. Do ask for a tour if the facilities to see for yourselves!


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